We can make storage more fun and easy. How do we do this?

Renting storage space with the ease of 2018

Where self storage stops, we go further. We pick up and return your items whenever and wherever you need. Even if you need only one box. Even to a different address. This way, you never have to visit a storage facility again. Just like everything else these days, you can simply book us via tablet or smartphone.

Pick-up and returns

We pick up almost everything and bring it to our storage facility. This means you don’t have to rent an expensive van or drive back and forth. Need something back? Just schedule a delivery appointment and we return it back to you free of charge.

Full-service storage

Would you like us to do everything for you? No problem! Carrying assistance and packing assistance can be booked with your appointment. Having friends and family help you is also possible: you decide how much service you want from us. This way, you can put together your ideal removal.

Always the same monthly rate

The price for which you sign will not change during your contract period. We don’t do sudden price increases. This way you will never face any unpleasant surprises. What you see is what you pay.

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Know what you have in storage

With the Inbox app, you always keep a clear overview of your items and you can easily schedule pick-up and delivery appointments. This means your items are always within hand’s reach.

Always the best service

We always aim for 5-star customer satisfaction. Our customer succes team is ready to help you every step of the process. Frompacking tips to answering all your questions.

Safety and care

Fire and burglary prevention, temperature control and humidity control. We think that isn’t more than normal. Also the biggest risk factor of self storage – your co-tenants – doesn’t exist at Inbox. Only accredited Inbox personnel have access to the storage. In addition, we offer various insurance options.